About Us

Back in 1970, the commercial world was a very different place.

The UK was still a year away from decimalisation and business deals were done in pounds, shillings and pence. Inflation was on the rise at around 8%, causing consternation or celebration, depending on where your interest lay.

The country was yet to join the EEC (now the EU). The internet hadn’t even been imagined. Typed letters were the preferred way to communicate. And bowler hats were still de rigour headwear in the City’s financial institutions.

A reassuring start to the seventies

Although the way people did business back then was virtually unrecognisable, their worries were pretty much the same as today. Owners of every size of enterprise, from corner shops to commercial property portfolios, wanted reassurance that should the unexpected happen, they’d be protected.

That’s when insurance brokers Mike Backner and Gilbert Cohen got together, determined to make business as relaxing as it is rewarding, laid down the first stone that would become the foundation for BRIDGE Insurance Brokers.

On your side for nearly 50 years

Since this small start back in the 1970s, we’ve grown to become one of the largest privately-owned brokers in the UK.

“Our business is putting businesses in touch with the best insurance for their precise needs. Digging deeper to get right to the heart of their business so we can identify every risk. Then working with our specialist UK insurance partners to find the exactly right insurance cover for the best price.

For over 50 years, we’ve been helping our clients go about business with less burdens; whether they’re busy building multimillion-pound property empires, or trimming beards in a barbershop.

We now employ over 100 expert staff specialising in every area of commercial insurance, and operate from offices in both our home town of Manchester and the City of London. We’ve dealt with companies worth billions. And helped cover risks as diverse as technicians decommissioning minefields and turbines in windfarms.”

Roger Potts, CEO