It’s good to know we’re here if debts go bad

As anyone in business knows only too well, not all debts end up being paid. If your largest customer unexpectedly went to the wall, how would your business be able to cope?

It’s something that’s happened time and again, and even seemingly rock-solid businesses aren’t immune. That’s why it’s reassuring to know you can put measures in place to lessen the impact of customers or clients failing to pay.

Flexible options to help boost your balance sheet

Trade credit insurance from Bridge means that if a customer doesn’t pay for goods or services, your insurer can contribute towards recovering the loss. It’s also available alongside a range of credit management and protection products that can be tailored to suit the way you do business.

Protecting your financial performance, giving you assurance to grow sales and giving you the power to trade with more confidence, whatever the credit conditions.

We’ve helped clients from small businesses to large internationals find a product to match their needs.
Please contact us to discuss your specific credit insurance requirements.

Effective ways to reduce
the impact of things going bump
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Mark Johnson

Director of Trade Credit