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Professional Indemnity is an area of insurance that many brokers claim to specialise in, but few deliver on in terms of expertise, experience and understanding.

It’s an element of business cover that we can quite rightly say is something we know better than most others. After all, it’s one of the foundations of any truly comprehensive commercial insurance policy.

How we approach Professional Indemnity

While you focus on your business, we’ll worry about protecting you from the costs of legal action and damages. Which, depending on the circumstances, can run into multi-million-pound figures.

The many different cover options require an informed decision. That’s because things like policy conditions and exclusions all come with implications for your risk management. That’s where we can advise and provide insight into how these factors affect the policy, and help you develop a bespoke solution for your business.
If needed, we’ll get involved every step of the way with a review service that identify the impact that specific contractual provisions may have; then make sure your policy covers these.

Talk to the professionals to find out how we can help with Professional Indemnity.

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Jonathan Forshaw
Head of Professional Indemnity

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Jonathan Forshaw

Head of Professional Indemnity