For those who work in insurance, BT Redcare is up there with the likes of Hoover and Sellotape. It’s simply the brand we all know. The electronic signalling product is used all over the UK for security and fire alarm messaging.

So, it came as quite a surprise when, in February 2024, BT announced that it would be ceasing to operate this product service. The service will run until August 2025 but after that, alternative providers will need to be used.

With a range of alarm signalling products in its portfolio, BT Redcare has been used by businesses operating across all sectors, for many years. There are an estimated 120,000 customers who will be affected by this announcement and the natural reaction from most of them will be to respond quickly to the alarm company’s recommendations on where to go next. Instead, we urge caution.

Choosing the right system to replace Redcare could have a direct impact on insurance, so our team is ready to advise clients in all sectors to ensure that the new alarm systems they use will be approved by their insurer.

As the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) points out, many existing systems may require an update anyway as part of All IP Network migration. It is important not to downgrade the signalling level, the last thing our customers need are increased insurance terms arising from the installation of a weaker security product.

Both AXA & Aviva have advised alarm signalling products such as the CSL Dualcom Gradeshift Pro DP3 or any dual path alarm transmission system with performance level DP3 certificated to BSEN50136-1:2012 will be accepted by them as a like-for-like replacement.

Our advice at Bridge is simple – get all the information from your alarm company and then contact us. Our team of trusted experts already know your industry. They will ensure your insurers are happy with any proposed changes before they are made, meaning you will be secure for the long term.

If you need further advice please contact Richard Parslow, Head of Risk Management at Bridge, by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 7818 585680.

BT Redcare

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