Using Microsoft Teams – Company Device

Connecting to Teams from a company device

As an owner of a company device there are two methods you can use to connect with Teams.

  1. Your company laptop
  2. Your company mobile

As standard we will have installed Teams on your company laptop and/or mobile. If for any reason you do not have access to the software on your device, please get in touch with IT and we’ll make sure it’s made available for you.

Before using Teams, please refer to the Teams Policy Document for further guidance on the proper use of the software. You can view this by clicking here: Web Conferencing and Teams Policy

Accessing Teams from a company laptop

Accessing Teams from your company provided laptop is simple and easy. Please follow the steps below to get connected from a company laptop or computer.

  1. When connected to work through RDS, please first minimise the remote connection using the blue bar from the top middle of the screen (shown above)
  2. Locate and open “Teams” from the desktop or start menu if it is not already open
  3. If required, enter you company email address, password and authentication approval

Accessing Teams from a company mobile

Accessing teams from a company mobile is quick and easy. Please follow the steps below to gain access.

  1. Locate and tap the Teams icon on your phone
  2. If prompted enter you work email address, password and authentication
  3. If prompted to allow access to notifications, the camera or microphone make sure to accept or press yes

Once you’ve logged on and connected to Teams you can follow the “Joining a meeting” procedure by clicking here: Joining a Teams meeting

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