Using Microsoft Teams – Personal Mobile

Connecting to Teams from a personal mobile

In order to use Teams on a personal mobile device you are required to install the App. However, for security and privacy reasons you must not, under any circumstances, login with company credentials, to the installed software on a personal device.
Instead you can forward the invitation to your personal email address which is accessible from your personal mobile device (Mobile phone or Tablet) which then enables you to connect to the meeting as a guest.

Installing Teams on a mobile or tablet

  1. Search for the “Microsoft Teams” app from the Appstore (Apple) or Playstore (Google/Android) depending on your type of device
  2. “Install” or “Get” the app

Once you have the app installed you are ready to join a meeting as a Guest.

The first time you open the app you will be prompted to allow Microsoft Teams to access your microphone and camera. Make sure you tap “Allow” or Accept”

If you have previously logged in to the app using your company Office 365 account, you must sign out immediately! Speak with IT for assistance if required

Now you’re ready and setup to join a meeting, please follow this guide for further instructions: Joining a Teams meeting

The best and recommended way to join a meeting from a personal device is from your laptop. Read more about this in our guide: Connecting to Teams from a personal computer

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